The world's only Learning Motivation System.

Author and deliver beautiful, branded learning content, measure performance, and motivate your employees and customers.

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When the largest coffee retailer on the planet needed a new platform to deliver barista training, we built one: Fathom.

Now, Fathom is used by some of the world’s biggest brands to create and deliver interactive learning content that engages digitally-savvy audiences. When combined with Mindspace creative, strategy and content services, your training delivers better results with fewer resources.

Shift from management to motivation.

Say goodbye to legacy learning management. Fathom is a modern canvas for creative learning content that motivates today’s distracted learners.

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Rich multimedia content

Add videos, animation, and a plethora of HTML5 interactive content that grabs attention and doesn’t let go.

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Boost retention with engaging game and reward templates—or build your own.

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Complete customization

Inspire learning with a seamless experience that’s as unique as your brand and culture.

Laptop showing course dashboard Laptop showing course dashboard

Modern architecture for high performance.

Custom-built using modern tools (Node.js) and database technology (Mongo and Elastic) to deliver fast, efficient cloud-based learning.

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Whether you have a hundred learners or hundreds of thousands, Fathom scales to deliver a fast experience for everyone.

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Data is encrypted in transit with the strongest algorithms available. At-rest encryption is available on dedicated systems through MLab.

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Open API

Connect Fathom to your current systems with an open and available API. Export data in or out with simple integrations.

No limitations. Premium features, standard.

Fathom is free of hidden fees or costly upgrades. What you see is what you can use today.

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Translation tools

Quickly localize and implement your content in any language for truly global learning.

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Custom reporting and administration

Manage teams, build and assign custom learning plans and measure success with a full suite of admin tools.

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Learn on any screen

Fathom is designed to be responsive so learning can take place anytime, on any screen.

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SCORM export

Sometimes you need to use a legacy learning management system. Author in Fathom and export to SCORM in minutes.

Fathom the possiblities.

See for yourself why companies like Google, Starbucks and FedEx use Fathom to author and deliver branded learning experiences. Request a demo today.