Today, audiences are
chronically distracted.

We’re here to help. We’ve used custom gamification to hold attention spans for the
customers and employees of many of the world’s most influential brands.


for messages
longer than 8 seconds

Expedia’s most successful
promotion ever.

How do you teach uninterested consumers about a reward program? Let them create virtual avatars that travel the world, blog their stories and earn real Expedia Rewards Points. 60% open rates, 40% click through rates, and a double—digit ROI.


for employees who
Think training is dry

Starbucks baristas
learn to inspire.

Starbucks asked us for a new training idea for baristas. The prototype results of our gamified tablet system were so strong that Starbucks engaged us to complete a national rollout of their entire barista training program in early 2015.


for customers with
wandering eyes

Dexter fans stayed faithful
between shows.

This mobile and social effort to keep Showtime’s Dexter fans deeply engaged between episodes achieved 4.8 million questions answered and 21,000 hours of play.


for those without
time to spare

Deloitte games their
annual training.

Deloitte needed an option to leapfrog previous internal education systems. We responded with a simple challenge that changed the training game.


that you won’t
forget immediately

Irvine Company’s secret to
training the sales team.

Irvine has 100+ properties, all with unique floor plans, amenities and features. We found a way to simplify the learning process, and improve retention with games designed to help their sales team find the perfect property for each customer.

customer service

for those without
time to spare

Extraco Bank turns bad news
into a spike in sales.

Texas bank Extraco eliminated free checking and asked us to limit attrition. We did, and we upsold a more profitable service at 700% above prior benchmarks by teaching the benefits in our unique way.

Our recent clients

  • Starbucks
  • HBO
  • Hyatt
  • Showtime
  • Expedia
  • Coca-Cola
  • Paramount
  • Arizona State University
  • MGM Resorts
  • TNT
  • Mercer
  • Virgin America
  • Deloitte

Why do we exist?

The Death of Boredom

A few years back we all said a big “hey there!” to feeds, mobile games, and chats. These empty calories give us an immediate fix, but they make more substantial intellectual fare (like your customer experience) sort of unbearable by comparison.

So, if you have something to explain, attention spans are shorter than ever.

Four Steps to design for the distracted

Enter Mindspace. We'll change up your content and delivery to help distracted people see an immediate, enduring value.

Mindspace engagement for the chronically distracted